Hidden Paths : the first RyRy shrine

Lee Jenrya / Akiyama Ryo

PG-13. References to violence and sexual situations. If you are under thirteen, you shouldn't be on the Internet unsupervised anyway.

RyRy with Henry (age 13) will be mixed in with RyRy with Jenrya (age 10). Other ages are also possible since Ryo is the same character who time jumps through the video games. Yes, that means the site has shotakon. But not shotakon hentai (graphic sex).

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There will be NO, I repeat, NO Rika bashing. Hidden Paths understands that Ryoki aka Ryo/Rika is the predominant and canon-supported pairing. Besides, Rika is one of the best characters ever in the webmistress' opinion.

Contributions are welcome; my own personal squicks can be set aside in the pursuit of RyRy. However, Hidden Paths *does* discriminate against bad writing. I have very high standards, so go find a beta reader. As for art, just don't break the law (including stealing) and keep the file size small. Anything of a graphic nature will be posted, just not on the shrine proper.

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